Mac Insular – Proper and environmentally sound disposal of construction waste in new construction and renovation in Mallorca

Proper disposal of construction waste in new construction and remodeling in Mallorca

Anyone who wants to build or demolish a house in Mallorca, needs a permit in addition to a building permit for the professional collection and disposal of rubble. You apply for the Mac Insular, a private company that cooperates with the Island Council of Mallorca.

For the application to the Mac Insular, for example, for the construction of a detached house in the coastal village of Cala Pi, you have to submit, among other things, the planning application, which was submitted to the community, and pay a fee. In addition, the Mac Insular a deposit must be deposited, which can be reclaimed after completion of construction. The application for a refund requires the final acceptance by the architect and the municipality, confirmation of the environmentally sound disposal of the rubble by an approved specialist firm and the receipt of payment for excess and bail. The deposit will be transferred to the account of the applicant after examination by the Island Council of Mallorca.

The highly qualified team of Fuchur – build on Mallorca accompanies you gladly from the purchase of the property over the construction work to the completion. We also take care of the execution of the necessary administrative procedures.